Art Of Subtlety

by Bitterambience

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released August 13, 2007

Music Performed By Bitter Ambience
Lyrics By James Hrisho
Produced And Engineered By James Hrisho
Composed By James Hrisho

James Hrisho: Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards
Matt Johnson:Lead Guitar/Background Vocals
Bill Ratel: Piano/Background Vocals
Billy Schultz: Drums/Background Vocals
Ryan Bartholomew: Bass/Bartholomew


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



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Track Name: Iron Horse Silver Tongue
Iron horse You've proven you can hold out
Now only if i could grow to be half the man you were
I'd be proud
Of who I was
We've been building this family from bottom up
Here We go screaming oh oh oh
Ripped you open on this table

Iron horse we'd help if we could
herbal remedies like garlic oh i wish i could
but there's only so much you can do for a horse

Ripped you open this table
Track Name: Rescue
Bless the lord
For giving you those eyes
Must of made a deal with the sun to take the colors of the Seas
And the skies
I won't take these back
These words i sing to you
No i wont give you up
To the exs and suitors who'll never be good enough

Bless the air that lingers when you leave
It's a reminder to my organs to feelings that i need
You're the only fingertips i want on my skin
You're the only fingertips i want on my skin

I have a contract i need you to sign my love
It requires us to pay month by month
On that space we share on the fourth floor up

And every mistake we've made
We can put in the past
Apologies and fights
I'll forget if you can
Track Name: His Clothes We're Lined With Gold
We started Off This Way
Green and Greed

Covering Your face
With intent to smear our identities
Your realtor fees
Sucking money from my pockets
Forcing words like coward from her tight lips
But we don't need your opinion on this
It's something we can do without

We've been chasing spectrums off into to the distance
As if there were words were the end
who are you trying to kid,
Behave yourself
Because those words will find you in

Trouble, Trouble
From those words we haven't said
When everything you read is gospel
They will say to believe
They'll say money is all you need

I Think I've had enough
Being Pushed out of these pictures I was once in
I never gave a thought to the fact
That every dime and nickel will find us in

Money is all you need.
Track Name: Oversight Overseas
All these nights at home has given way too much time to think
That a reality will become of sibiling dreams
Wheres hes on a boat about to sink
That his condition wont save him from a uniform
That a recruiter get him stuck
In a base somewhere in this country
Or a foreign land over seas
So i plead and plead till my face is blue
But words of mine wont stop you

That's how we stay cool
The breeze from the holes in the ceilings
That the rain drips through
And the wind will drawer me nearer soon
Every breath of this ocean brings me closer to you

All these trips across state lines have made somethi ng clear
That when encountering people of succes i start to fear
That this microphone will get me nowhere
That this notebook will get me stuck
In the heartland of this country
Or a in a summer job i took
So i plead and plead till my face is blue
Actions of mine cants stop the truth
Track Name: Breathe
as i sit still next to the machine
the one that breaths for you
i see the water bubble into air
if only i knew where
i could buy you new lungs
and keep you here forever

I watch you shake
Holding silverware
Or just readjusting your chair
If i only i knew where i could you buy you new lungs And keep you here

In this garden
Every seed and blooming weed
Will spread through nerves
Rebuild the cells
Muscle tissue will grow
We can live for

I'll apologize for every minute missed